Rabadiya Industries Provide Manufacturing Facilities as per customers Designs & requirements

Every product passes through different manufacturing phases. Each phase of manufacturing process has it's own importance to produce the final product. The different processes involve in the manufacturing are as below.

Raw Material

Generally we have two source of raw material input. We import brass scrap and process in our casting unit for producing of Brass Products as per requirement. Other source is local supplier; we buy extruded rods from them as per our requirement with complete test.


We have our in built casting facility where we used the imported scraps and melt them. By melting we make these scraps to different shapes and sizes, as per our requirement and then forwarded to our machine department for further process.


We have forging presses of 200,250 and 400 Metric Tons, All the forging dyes are developed in our factory .


This is being outsourced locally. There are many good electroplaters locally available, who can do golden plating, Silver Plating, Copper plating, Tin Plating, Lead Plating etc.


We have quality control department, which ensures that each product manufactured as exactly to the print and each process are controlled and the quality of the parts maintained throughout the entire process. We provide inspection reports to our customers if required.

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